Red Rose Pallet & Case



Red Rose manufactures a full range of standard pallets and also offer a bespoke pallet service in which we will manufacture to suit your requirements.

At Red Rose, we provide both a complete range of standard pallets and a bespoke pallet service, allowing us to manufacture towards any requirements that you may have.

All pallets that we provide are available in standard materials. In addition, for international exports, we can also manufacture pallets using heat-treated ISPM15 certified materials.




Whether you are looking to buy brand new pallets based on your own bespoke requirements or second-hand pallets using standard specifications, you can be assured we provide them. Our sites in Bolton and Manchester employ experienced, expert staff at all levels, providing you the best experience within our industry.

The materials we source are of the highest quality and come from renewable, sustainable and responsibly managed forests, as part of our dedication to conducting environmentally friendly business. The majority of our materials are sourced from homegrown sawmills.

Two way entry pallet

close boarded, no base board

Four way entry pallet

wing type

Two way entry pallet


Four way entry pallet

close boarded, perimeter base

1200 x 800 Euro Pallet



Two way entry pallet

wing type

Four way entry pallet

close boarded, 3 base

Four way entry pallet

perimeter base

Four way entry pallet

open boarded, 3 base





As well as providing brand new pallets, we also provide a range used and refurbished pallets, in recognition of a growing need to protect the environment.


We enjoy offering cost savings wherever possible and we are fast becoming renowned for our abilities in providing high quality second hand pallets, giving all of our customers big and small the greatest possible value for money the industry has to offer. As such, both small businesses to multi-national, public corporations enjoy working with us time and time again.

Due to our experience, reputation and expertise, we can have as many as 40,000 individual pallets in the yard at any one time. Each pallet is sorted and graded for re-use and resale.

If you are unsure about the type of pallet you need, please do not hesitate to call us on 01204 361 825 or by emailing Our staff have a huge amount of experience and, since we provide over 100 different specifications of reconditioned pallets, we can guarantee we can meet your requirements.




Pallet Repair Service

We always repair pallets to the manufacturer’s original specification, ensuring that all repairs are carried out using first-grade timber and steel ring-shanked nails. Well trained and highly qualified pallet repairmen carry out all repairs at Red Rose, adhering to stringent quality and safety procedures 100% of the time.

Finally, reconditioned pallets are completely exempt from waste packaging regulations.

Registered Waste Carrier Number: NSO/54758

If required, our reconditioned pallets can be heat treated to ISPM15 approval, marked with our certificate number for traceability:

Forestry Commission ISPM15 Certificate Number: FOC 354